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Get customers to contribute to your marketing

Your Facebook fans are capable of more than enter photo contest once per quarter. Empower them to create and post content regularly - about your products, events and deals. Pictaski is a self-service platform that helps you collaborate with your customers on a regular basis.

Gather insights
Promote deals and openings

Promote product launch
Promote label redesign or product launches

Promote new collection
Promote new collection

Drive brand awareness
Drive brand awareness

Why to get customers to post more content about your brand


trust social media content from a brand
they don't buy


of consumers' buying decisions are influenced by their friends’ social media posts

Recruit easily. Activate instantly.
Collaborate regularly.

Make user-generated photo campaigns a constant part of your social media marketing. Launch campaigns on Facebook in minutes.

Run campaigns that perfectly fits your purposes

Enhance your social media marketing by creating targeted user-generated content campaigns.

Pictaski helps you direct your customers’ efforts to delivering a particular message to your audience and highlighting a particular event. Whether it’s local store opening, product launch, weekend deal or label redesign.

With call-to-action campaigns, you can encourage your customers to create and share user-generated content that perfectly suits your current marketing purpose. Moderate all submissions and approve only the best pieces to be shared by their creators.

Generate social buzz at the right moment

Your fans already post brand-related photos from time to time? Excellent! Unite & target their efforts on delivering a particular message to your audience and highlighting the particular event. With Pictaski you are able to make a direct & immediate connection with your social ambassadors and activate them at the very moment when you need it.

All you need is to set up call-to-action campaign that meet your marketing objectives.


Amplify every single message with social proof

Every message you deliver to your audience can be delivered by your customers in a better way - with wider audience reached and more trust earned. And there are so many subjects a brand could use to ask fans to spread the word about — every week and even every day: product launches, openings, weekend deals, holidays deals etc.

With Pictaski you will be able to use every single opportunity to increase brand awareness through genuine consumer-generated advertising.


Build your social media brand ambassadors

Organic reach drops. Ad blocking rises. But you will always be visible to your audience with content created and posted by real people — your customers & fans. Become more persuasive by involving your fans in your social media marketing and getting them to contribute regularly.

Pictaski makes it easier to turn your customers into brand ambassadors and collaborate with them on a regular basis.


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It's a consumer-generated marketing platform that every brand can afford.

Simple self-service marketing platform

Enhance your social media marketing with the ongoing support of real customers & fans.

Easy recruitment

Engage new brand advocates through email, social and web channels.

Instant activation

Notify brand advocates about a new challenges through a mobile app.

Selected user-generated content

Select the best pieces from images created according to your marketing purpose.

Automated rewards

Have every assignment carefully checked & every effort fairly rewarded.

Campaign landing page

Showcase your campaign on every screen with responsive landing page.

Real-time tracking

Measure the performance, reach and engagement of your advocate marketing campaign.

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